Parking Solutions
Prefabricated Multi Storey

A brief technical description of the unique car park system from EWL International is outlined on this page. Please feel free to contact us if you require further information.


Fast construction minimises delay
Car parks tend to be located in heavily populated or built up areas where construction can cause disruption to surrounding traffic. To address this problem, this unique assembly system was developed. This system allows the construction of a steel framed car park in only a matter of weeks, minimising delays and enabling use of the facility in the shortest time possible.

Modular format allows for maximum flexibility
Whatever your particular needs, a complete range of advisory, design and construction solutions are offered. On completion of the car park, the frame is designed to support a wide variety of external finishes without the need for secondary support steelwork. Car parks also offer complete flexibility. Their modular format means that they can be added to, reduced or modified as required – even completely dismantled for use at another site.

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More information
If you would like any more information on implementing this system, please contact us via this web site or visit