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Featuring many configurations and versatile accessories, our pallet racking can be tailored to individual customer specifications according to requirements. Please contact Storage Systems C.I. prior to commencement of project for our advice and recommendations.

S T A T I C- P A L L E T- R A C K I N G

A thoroughly versatile racking system, Static Pallet Racking is as equally suited to high bay warehouse schemes, as it is to popular wide or narrow aisle configurations and is designed to do much more.

The wide range of configurations offer an excellent choice of storage applications from the same basic components.

Drive-In or double-depth racking, raised storage platforms and shelving can all be designed, and specialised requirements, for example the storage of drums, coils, or even rolls of carpet, can be accommodated.

In areas where space is at a premium, pallet racking offers unique solutions – bulk storage, mobile and high rise installations can be achieved with efficient storage design.

Modified to suit you needs
Whether you require accessibility, fast throughput, rapid stock rotation or ease of relocation, pallet racking, integrated with mechanical handling equipment, provides the solution.

Our range
Adjustable Beam Pallet Racking.
Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking.
Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking.
Drive In/Drive Through Pallet Racking.
Double Deep Pallet Racking.
Live Storage Pallet Racking.
Push-Back Pallet Racking.

M O B I L E- P A L L E T- R A C K I N G

Powered Mobile Racking comprises conventional racking mounted on steel framed bases fitted with electrically driven wheels that run on tracks set into the floor.

The system is accessed via a single operating aisle that opens up to give entry into the required rack face while adjacent racks are closed together.

Special Benefits
Up to 80% of the floor area can be occupied by racking, compared with around 30% using conventional systems, whilst maintaining 100% access to storage locations.

Increased storage density means a reduction in the building footprint required providing significant savings in building and operational costs. In existing buildings valuable floor space can be released for other operations.

Each installation incorporates trip mechanisms and fail safe devices to ensure hazard free operations.

Typical Applications
Floor rails are integral with new floors but may be mounted in specially cut channels in an existing floor. Alternatively, the rails can be laid onto the existing warehouse floor and levelled with a screed infill effectively providing a new floor surface.

Mobile bases can be controlled by individual push buttons located on the ends of the mobile rack, or from a central console or direct from the fork lift truck.

Common uses
Cold storage
High density bulk data storage
Bulky mufti-product applications
Palletised consumer goods
Food products

Please contact Storage Solutions C.I. for more information on how pallet racking can work for you.