Storage Solutions

Available in a range of load bearing capacities, Mezzanine Floors provide additional space for offices, storage or production and can be served by staircases, lifts or conveyors.

Space problem?
The answers right above your head...
Double your floor area and create more space.
Uses include: Storage, Offices, Production, Canteens, Access Platforms and Multi-tier.
Detailed Site Survey and final plans checked by qualified engineers.
Custom made design to suit your building, application and Local Authority requirements.
Competitive Prices from one metre squared to 1,000 metres squared.
Full project service available.

Making space work
Mezzanine Floors are independent and free-standing structures that utilise the unused headroom in most building types.

Special benefits
By utilising vacant headroom in existing buildings valuable floor space can be created for a wide range of operations and activities. Major cost savings are achieved simply by obviating the need for extra buildings or even relocation of an entire operation.

Storage Solutions C.I. will obtain the necessary Building Regulations approval, manage the installation smoothly and hand over the completed project.

When relocating, the Mezzanine Floor can easily be dismantled and thus return the building to its original condition if required.

Please contact Storage Solutions C.I. for our advice and recommendations.

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